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Shifting-Domestic & International

Why Aayush International Packers and Movers Ltd. ?


We, Aayush International Packers and Movers Ltd., an ISO 39001:2012 & ISO 9001:2015 certified, are one of the most trustworthy packing and moving companies in India that has been gleaming worldwide with vast experience of almost three decades. What has been making us the most-preferred choice of thousands is the fact that we have been performing our part by inculcating "care" & maintaining the highest standards of "safety" all the time while executing the moving services. We have established ourselves as a reliable brand which has, till date, been entrusted with the task of moving around 17.45 lakhs of households being the "Largest mover of Household Goods" for the years 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17 and 2017-18.

Backed by strong R&D, we study and analyze every problem that one may encounter during shifting and thus, come up with an effective solution for it. After all, we are not carrying your "goods" but "EMOTIONS" built over years of your hard work and patience.

We have extracted some of the most common and popular consumer experiences one may face either prior, during or post shifting and have tried to address them. Let's have a look at what our customers have in their mind...you may also be hovering with the same thought.

1. "I fear that the moving charges that a moving company would quote, would be more than my planned budget."

- Mr. Goyal, Bharat Strips, AP

 - No! We lend an ear to you and plan such a package that lies in your budget. We don't have any hidden charges. None of our employees or officers will ask you to pay a penny more than the quoted deal. We stick to our promises, no matter what!

2. "I fear that the person who will drop by my place to make a survey or come up with a moving plan would ask me charges for such a visit."

- Mr. A K Sood, Defence Officer, Tezpur, Assam

 - Not a paisa! Feel free to call our Field Officer or to make a booking over the phone, whichever way is suitable for you.

3. "I believe that my consignment would not take much space in your truck. Do I still have to pay the same charges as of full load?"

- Mr. B K Mishra, Student, IIM Indore

 - Relax! We understand your concern. Our revolutionary concept Trucking Cube (Container) has emitted our customers’ this problem too. Amongst the available different sized cubes, you can choose the cube according to the size and volume of your consignment and pay for that space only which your consignment is occupying on carrier.

4. "I am afraid that if I am asked to pay the prices partly, then there are chances that my belongings would be merged with another person's who is also moving to the same destination."

- Mr. Rajesh Jain, National Poet, Delhi

 - This would not be the case with us! With our Trucking Cube (Container) you will get your particular cube according to the size of your consignment. Also you are given authority to lock your cube yourself and keep the key with you. Your cube will share the carrier with the cubes heading towards the same region/destination but, there will be no mixing of your stuff with goods of another customer’s goods. Thus, Trucking Cube (Container) ensures the 100% security as well as 100% privacy of your consignment.